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What is the root cause of the difficulty of Hong Kong delivery service?
Release Time:2020-8-15 15:50:27
I have been working as a Hong Kong logistics line for almost 10 years. Almost every corner of Hong Kong has been delivered. It is difficult to find that it is difficult for Hong Kong delivery services to satisfy customers 100%. Summarizing the past delivery experience, the fundamental reasons are The following points:

1. The roads in Hong Kong are relatively narrow, and there is no place to stop and unload the one-lane delivery vehicles:

 Hong Kong is a small city with dense high-rise buildings. Most of the roads in the neighborhood are narrow and curved. It is difficult to see the wide and straight roads like Shanghai, and there is a lot of traffic. Therefore, when many drivers arrive at the customer’s delivery address, they find that there is no place to stop for unloading. Because they are all one-way streets, the cars behind them can’t go as soon as they stop, so there is no alternative. Many drivers can only unload the goods to the customers on the side of the road, go downstairs to collect the goods, and then sign for the goods carelessly, and then drive away. Pulled upstairs with a trolley, so many customers say that the delivery service is not good.

2. Some places in Hong Kong are relatively remote, resulting in slow delivery time:

Hong Kong’s urban areas are mainly concentrated in the Kowloon area. Many industrial buildings are also located in Kowloon. Many warehouses are located near the Kwai Chung Wharf. Therefore, there are very few goods delivered by carpooling in more remote areas. Generally, they can only be delivered the next day. Remote areas include: Hong Kong Island (Pokfulam, Siu Sai Wan, Wan Chai, Chai Wan, Happy Valley, North Point, Wong Chuk Hang, Connaught Road, Causeway) Yuen Long, Kam Tin, Lok Ma Chau, Tin Shui Wai, Kwu Tung, San Tin, Sha Tau Kok, Pat Heung, Fanling, Tai Po, Xiaoyou, Tuen Mun, Ma On Shan, Sham Tseng, Tseung Kwan O, Lei Yue Mun, Lam Tin, Yau Tong and residential buildings, schools, hospitals, clinics, etc. These Hong Kong addresses are relatively far away. The impact of delivery timeliness makes customers dissatisfied, so it is very difficult for Hong Kong delivery companies to do a good job of serving timeliness.

3. Delivery on restricted road sections in Hong Kong makes it difficult for delivery companies to grasp the time:

Because many places in Hong Kong are restricted to trucks, such as Kowloon City, Central, Sheung Wan and other commercial centers, where there are a lot of people, it is necessary to restrict trucks to ease the traffic flow. Therefore, many customers want to receive the goods and have to wait until the time period of unlimited traffic. In order to receive the goods, it greatly increases the difficulty of delivery for the delivery company.

4. Many places in Hong Kong restrict the passage of private trucks:

Many places in Hong Kong restrict the passage of trucks, and it is necessary to make an appointment for delivery one day in advance. This time is difficult to control and the cost is much higher, such as: Mid-levels, Tung Chung, Park Lane, Discovery Bay, Lamma Bay, Penny's Wan, Wanning, Maxim’s, Wellcome, Watsons, ParknShop and other supermarket warehouses, even if you make an appointment, they have to wait a long time to unload the goods. Many drivers are unwilling to pick up the delivery orders from these places because receiving orders means Only one ticket can be given today, which is too difficult.

Combining the above four points is the fundamental reason why it is difficult to do well in Hong Kong delivery services. To do well in Hong Kong delivery, there is a long way to go.
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