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Is there any difference between Hong Kong tax package imports and general trade imports?
Release Time:2020-8-15 15:49:07
Import refers to the act of transferring goods from abroad to my country. However, the limitations of general trade imports are also very large. One: For bulk cargo and goods that are more urgently needed, general trade cannot reflect its advantages. First, it requires a relatively slow customs clearance time ( General trade import requires various documents, approval documents must be complete, and the processing time will take a long time). Express import is mostly applicable to: IC, communication products, wine, cosmetics, treasures leather goods, small tonnage machines, etc.

Before transportation, pay attention to whether the Commodity Inspection Bureau issues a sanitary quarantine, animal and plant quarantine (abbreviated as animal and plant quarantine) inspection contact slip.

Inbound. Distribution After receiving the goods, the consignee arranges warehousing, distribution and shipment. Customs declaration means that the owner or his agent declares to the customs when goods, baggage, postal articles, and means of transport enter and exit the customs or the border, submit the required documents and certificates for inspection, and request the customs to go through the import and export procedures.
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