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The package is seized by the customs how can we reduce the loss
Release Time:2020-8-15 15:43:29
The package is seized by the customs how can we reduce the loss,

How can we cooperate with the customs to check the parcels?

How to avoid the risk of customs deduction when imported packages are checked,

Is the package detained by the customs usually fined?

What should be paid attention to in customs inspection of packages

Regarding the above parcels being seized by the customs, let's talk about it together:

The declared value is inconsistent with the estimated price:

This is easy to understand, that is, there should not be too much difference between the declared value and the estimated value. If the difference is too large, foreign customs will definitely find trouble. Just like our domestic import customs clearance, suppose you import a few precision instruments, but the declared value is only 100 US dollars, which will definitely be detained by the customs, or you will be fined or repay taxes.

Secondly, there are other reasons that the product name does not match the product, the packing list is unknown, the consignee's conditions are not allowed (such as no import and export rights, etc.), and the value of personal items exceeds 5000 yuan.
Finally, it is related to some relevant policies of the local country.
For example, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia are generally more lenient, while European and American countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada are slightly more strict. The customs of Middle Eastern countries are also stricter, such as Israel. Brazil is arguably the most stringent, almost all inspections.

Four important things to note when sending a package
Enterprises or individuals engaged in foreign trade B2C, if they choose to ship packages, must pay attention to the following issues:
1. When mailing a package, you must declare the value of the package correctly, reasonably and truthfully, and clearly fill in the relevant details, customs declaration and proforma invoice, and the declared value should be consistent everywhere. At the same time, the declared value should be consistent with the actual object, so as to avoid obvious low-value declarations or zero declarations.
2. To understand the relevant regulations of mailing in various countries. Due to the different weight and size restrictions of postal countries in various countries, the problem of return due to oversize and overweight is avoided. For example, if a parcel to Italy exceeds 10 kilograms, it is best to send it in 2 parcels, so that the customs clearance rate can be greatly improved.
3. When mailing a package, you need to fill in the detailed address and contact information of the sender and recipient in the corresponding columns in English and French.
4. The sender needs to fill in the documents completely and standardized.

The three "best"
1. It is best to print, avoid handwriting;
2. It is best to fill in the declaration content clearly, completely and standardizedly in English;
3. It is best not to show empty columns.

5 ways to send a package:

1. Packaging issues. In order to prevent the loss of the express, the sender can post an additional copy of the address on the parcel box.
It is very important to copy the waybill number on the packaging, because the waybill may be lost during the sorting and transshipment of packages, especially heavy packages. If the waybill is accidentally lost, the package cannot be found. So write the tracking number and recipient address on the packing box, even if the waybill is accidentally lost, the goods will not be lost.
And if you send several mails to the same country and address on the same day, it is best to use different specifications and different colors of packaging. In addition, use the post office as much as possible for the packing box or the packing bag. Don't be stingy in packing. The shape of the packing should not be odd and strange, and it is best to be square and clean.
2. Control the weight of a single piece of goods. The weight of each box is best not to exceed 20 kg. If it is a large cargo, it is best to control it at 10-20 kg (it seems that the foreign customs are most concerned about the large cargo).
3. Use new addresses more often. If there are many goods, find as many recipient addresses as possible, and the packaging specifications must be different. If the same address is used frequently, the customs deduction rate will be extremely high. When there is really no redundant address, you must pay attention to the delivery cycle.
4. Maintain the best delivery cycle. The interval between each shipment is more than 2 days or even longer. The general recommendation is to send the next batch of goods after the last customs clearance is completed.
5. The amount of customs declaration. Regarding the amount of customs declaration, it is recommended that foreign trade B2C companies or individuals try not to report the value of more than 30 US dollars during customs declaration.

Because if the value is reported high, your foreign consignee will pay a lot of customs duties. And the customs clearance is relatively strict, often detaining the goods, but also ask your recipient to show relevant business documents, so you can find a more experienced express company to declare customs for you. As for why it is necessary to report the value under US$30, the main reason is that the customs of Western European countries will strictly inspect small goods worth 30 US dollars.

7 tips to avoid being deducted:

If foreign trade companies or individuals unfortunately have goods seized, customers may initiate PayPal disputes. If the handling is improper, PayPal will refund the customers directly from the account, so how to avoid customs detention is particularly important. For skills, mainly introduce 7 points.
1. In order to avoid customs detention, general parcels can be written as personal gift, because the probability of private parcels being checked by the customs is very low.
2. In order to avoid high customs clearance fees after deduction, the declared value can be written relatively less, and the deduction rate of valuables is very high. In addition, after the customs detains the goods, the customs clearance fee is calculated based on the declared value. The higher the declared value, the higher the customs clearance fee. Similarly, if customers need to send products back, they should also pay attention to remind customers to write down the declared value.
3. Understand national policies. For example, although customs clearance is easy in Australia, battery products are not allowed by the customs, so batteries or products with batteries should not be sent to Australia as much as possible. If you must sell products with batteries, you need to make it clear to customers that you don’t ship batteries, only products.
4. Choose a safe delivery method. According to statistics, DHL’s deduction rate is relatively high, followed by FedEx and UPS, while registered air parcels and EMS are relatively safe. And even if the EMS is detained by the customs, it can still be returned to the place of delivery for free.
5. The heavier the package, the more likely it is to be detained by the customs. For example, textiles sent to the United States cannot exceed 10 kilograms, otherwise they may be detained locally.
6. Different products have different rates of being detained by the customs. For example, the probability of electronic products being detained is higher than that of clothing.
7. Choose a suitable freight forwarding company. The customs clearance and information transmission capabilities of freight forwarding companies often affect whether the goods can be released as soon as possible. Therefore, when choosing a freight forwarding company, you must understand the relevant capabilities of the freight forwarding company.

Goods detained, 4 major countermeasures

If the package sent out is unfortunately detained by the customs, don’t panic. There are several ways to deal with it:

1. Contact customers in time. It is best to let customers assist in customs clearance. If the cost of customs clearance is low, you can negotiate with customers to share the customs clearance fee.
2. If the customer is unwilling, see if the package can be returned. If it is an EMS or the like, the package can be sent back free of charge, and then communicate with the customer, and then re-ship the package after the package is sent back.
3. If the package cannot be returned and the customs clearance fee is high, Wang Qiang said that there is no way in this situation, and it is best to choose to abandon the package.
4. Be sure not to delay, otherwise once the customer initiates a PP dispute or even cancels the credit card order, it means that they have not received the goods. This situation is very unfavorable to the seller, not only can not get the money back, but also will be fined.
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